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In the freezing cold of winter, a tiny kitten lies shivering in wait.  A mere eight weeks old, she is curled up behind the wheel of a car.  All she wants is someone to love her. Kydee is an adorable little kitten who finds a wonderful home after a rough beginning. Her curiosity and playful nature bring so much joy to everyone who knows her!

Melvin cover.jpg

Melvin Fastidious the Sailor

Melvin Fastidious is a perfect sailor.  He likes things "just so" in his navy and family life.  Melvin is a very proud man and it shows in everything he does.

Big Noses Cover.jpg

Big Noses Are Beautiful!

Melanie hates her Big Nose! Big noses run in her family, but her nose makes her feel less than beautiful until she meets a little kitten who thinks her nose is Puurrrrfect!

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