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E El Gi Piddr
E El Gi Piddr.jpg

E El Gi Piddr

'It Will Get Better'

E El Gi Piddr.  The words that sound so foreign are the garbled words of a language still unknown.   The garbled words heard by a child mainstreamed in a school where everyone speaks, but the child cannot understand what they are saying.   Imagine spending hours of your life everyday trying to understand what others are saying. 

Anand is a little Mongolian boy who is attending an English-speaking school for the first time.  What a scary experience!  With time, practice, and support from his caring teachers, he gradually learns the language and things do get better.

Wadee cover_edited.jpg

Wadee and the Worry Wakes

Wadee is a warthog who loves to frolic and play with his friends . Every night, as the shadow of darkness creeps across the South African savannah, he curls up with his family and falls asleep. His gentle slumber is disrupted as he imagines horrible things happening to everyone he knows. Then one night, he has a special visitor in his dream. Can Wadee finally overcome the worry that consumes him?

Go Away Shawn.jpg

Go, Away, Shawn!

Shawn is the older brother who likes to torment his younger siblings. The children just want him to 'go away'. Then one day, Shawn is in a car accident that leaves him immobile, and unable to eat on his own or talk. In the midst of her grieving, Shawn's sister remembers his random acts of kindness. Go Away, Shawn is a reminder that despite the bullying, there is still room for love and forgiveness for the older brother who has now been 'lost'.​

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